Transform Your Split Grade Math Class

My students HATED the words “EXPLAIN YOUR THINKING” in math — until they had cool choices other than writing it all out.

Websites and apps can help students explain their thinking in much more engaging ways, and in terms of refining their thinking using real-time and asynchronous feedback and even assessment, in much more effective ways. Add to that a split-grade class where the kids are doing different activities at the same time (visions of an individualized future!!), these apps can be transformational.

I’ll be introducing 4 apps in my ECOO 2014 simulation of a split-grade Gr 5-6 Math class at ECOO 2014 on November 6th. NONE of these are required to participate in the session. However downloading the app before the session will allow attendees to participate more fully! Actions are highlighted in fuscia. (-:

SesameHQ “Making Learning Visible”.
In my humble opinion, Sesame is the most awesome planning, documenting, recording, assessment app completely integrated with the Ontario Curriculum – I wish I had it when I was teaching full-time!
SesameSnap Free app – download the app 

GEDDIT - “Know how every student is doing at any moment”.
Geddit Free appdownload the app 
A free app that works on any web-enabled device in the 1:1 classroom

VOICETHREADHear every student explain their thinking!
 ** This is one of the only accounts I was willing to pay for – I loved the interface for the students, and $79/year provided greater access and control of student accounts. cb
Voicethread Free app – download the app 

EXPLAINEVERYTHING paid app – $2.99 app. Purchase only if you think you’ll USE it!  NO teacher or student accounts are necessary. You and your students can use, import, and export whatever files you want.

More details to follow!



Geddit Reviews | edshelf

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EdCamp Rule of Thirds

I read in “The EdCamp Model” this week that the St. Louis EdCamp had 307 people register, and 215 showed up.

Another Rule of Thirds! Only a different application than photography this time.

Two thirds show up – and the other third doesn’t show…. I wonder what our own numbers will be?

Shoot for 300 and expect 200? That would be fine by me. Big crowd, but still manageable. Cap at 360 and expect 240-ish? That would also be OK. Cap at 450 and expect 300? That’s about as large as I think we could possibly manage. Or could we?

Rooms for 300 people? Yikes! That’s 10 rooms of 30, already!!! Take off 30 people sitting around chatting and conversing on their own – that’s still 9 rooms of 30. Ouch. Too many people.

.. A Maker Space?
…..Simple K12 webinar room?
…….Quiet chat room?
………Twitter room?

OK, say 10 people in each of those spaces – so take off 40 more people – down to 210 – that’s still 7 rooms of 30.  Ouch. Seems a lot of planning and prep to handle that many sessions….

3 time slots x 7 topics = 21 sessions for the day

Think we can handle that? Guess we’ll have to see!!  (-:

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EdCampPTBO Week 1

Well Week 1 is done, and so am I! I’ve spent a whole lot more time and energy thinking things through this week than I had anticipated – and in trying to support my team of teams in getting started on their own.

Not sure how successful I’ve been – I realized yesterday: way too many emails, with a very low response rate. Being the 1st week of school for everyone else, I quite understand it! Duh. Been there, done that.

Not stressed or disappointed – I just realize I wasn’t being realistic at all in setting Today as the day we’d be ready to open registration. Perhaps at the end of next week?

There are so many things to get your head around when you just starting out – and I’ve already put in a year or two…

No problem. It’ll sort itself all out. I know we have a FABULOUS team of FANTASTIC educators!

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