Jumping off into open space

Well, I decided last night it’s time to jump. Forget who’s reading this, or not, and get down to business. Forget exploring all the online sites, applications, and mobile apps, reading Twitter alone is overwhelming me. I could learn there forever, don’t get me wrong, but the feelings of professional inadequacy have started to overtake the phenomenal excitement of professional learning, and it’s begun to paralyze my thinking.

At school, the technical problems and the pedagogical vacuum continue to add height to my stumbling blocks. So I might as well jump. Off. Out. and Into. What’s the worst that can happen? Hmmm…. That’s a show stopper.

The worst that can happen is that I can make a mess of it, and make things worse for others who are also trying to find their way through this perplexing nebulosity of change. I could unwittingly give oppositional parents, colleagues, and administrators fodder for the cannons against change.

Ok, I’ll go carefully. Slowly. I’ll build quietly, step by step in my classroom,
change piecemeal by piecemeal. Find one success and tuck it into our new classroom, one at a time.

This week’s challenge? Solve the Blog problem, and put the kids back on track: put the Company (back) together, and help each member get back into action.

Got any other advice for me?


About Cathy Beach

Recently retired elementary teacher and outdoor educator in rural Ontario, Canada. My Olympic Journeys may be over, but they lead me into some very exciting adventures with teachers and kids and the world of connected learning...
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