Nov 1 – What is the Best Aspect of Teaching?

This November I am participating in the #ReflectiveTeacher  November Blogging Challenge. I hope you enjoy these posts!

I really had to think on this one – it had me stumped! There are so many ‘best parts’ of teaching kids, which is why I love to do what I get to do!

But the very BEST part?

I get to experience the joy of making a positive difference in a child’s life. Whether it’s helping a pre-teen girl discover that Math and Geography are very cool subjects to learn, or giving a hug and a silly bandaid to a small boy who’s fallen and cut his knee.  Whether it’s helping disengaged boredom turn into a moment of awe and excitement for a child watching a monarch wriggle out of its skin and turn into a chrysalis, or simply sharing uproarious laughter with my students at some hilarious mistake I’ve made in class.

It’s the little things, moment to moment, that fill my soul with a lifetime of gladness that I get to teach.

I touch the future. I teach.

Every day I get to put smiles in children’s hearts and minds.


About Cathy Beach

Recently retired elementary teacher and outdoor educator in rural Ontario, Canada. My Olympic Journeys may be over, but they lead me into some very exciting adventures with teachers and kids and the world of connected learning...
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One Response to Nov 1 – What is the Best Aspect of Teaching?

  1. Hi Cathy! It’s fantastic to have you in the challenge. “Every day I get to put smiles in children’s hearts and minds.” – This sums it al up for me. Love it! Looking forward to reading your next post. Justine 🙂

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